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 Aurora the secret within

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Kayıt tarihi : 07/07/08

MesajKonu: Aurora the secret within   C.tesi Tem. 19, 2008 10:09 am

Yükleyen / Uploader: CReaTiVe
Rar Şifresi / Rar Password:
Dosya Türü / File Type: ISO
Crack & Serial: Mevcut c009-aurora.part1.rar c009-aurora.part2.rar c009-aurora.part3.rar c009-aurora.part4.rar c009-aurora.part5.rar

About This Game
The American military have released ground-breaking news: a flying saucer has crashed near Roswell. The statement is promptly withdrawn, but the media are not to be fooled. While this stunning event is frantically broadcast over the radio waves, Detective Pileggi becomes involved in a mysterious case regarding the disappearance of a local farmer.

During the course of the investigation, he will discover that everything he has believed to be true throughout his life is nothing but an illusion. His world is shattered into pieces. Will our detective be able to solve the mystery hidden within Aurora?

Aurora--The Secret Within is a classic point and click adventure, immersing the player in a world of puzzles and mysteries just waiting to be solved.

General Features
* 40's film noir environments
* 3D room exploration
* 3D interactive animated characters
* Logical, mathematical riddles, gradually progressive puzzles
* Multiple choice dialogues, influencing the story
* 3D movies
* Multiple endings

Install Notes
1. Unpack Release
2. Mount/Burn Image
3. Install Game
4. Check our cracktro out, it's located in the SKIDROW dir on the CD
5. If you plan to play this game in Vista, then first run 'Patch Aurora.exe', also located in the SKIDROW directory
6. Play the game

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Aurora the secret within
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